Friday, May 1, 2009

Car insurance for New Jersey

Offering Car insurance for New Jersey residents in these cities and all of New Jersey... Get competitive car insurance rates for your city.

Quotes available in all of New Jersey, including:

New Jerseyites on average paid about $1,365 in insurance premiums in 2003, compared to the national average of about $914. Most people believe all these rates are fixed by insurance companies and state regulatory agencies, but in reality discounted and competitive rates are available in New Jersey, and is the best place to find them.

2007 had the first decrease in rates since 1999. 2007 had a .5% to 1% decrease in car insurance rate from 2006. In 2008 insurance companies are starting to raise rates. This is a typical cycle of rate fluctuations. has facilitated the rate fluctuations by bringing competition directly to the consumer and by lowering your costs through technology!

Visit the U.S. Car Insurance Requirements page to see how New Jersey state laws compare to other states. You can also visit the New Jersey Car Insurance Companies page to learn which companies are available for you in New Jersey.

Even within the state of New Jersey, rates have changed over the past few years. Comparing the current rate to the numbers from a few years back, the average auto insurance premium in 1999 was about $1,186, it increased 15.09% in 4 years! Don't waste your money paying high insurance premiums, start saving now by requesting an online quote from now.

It doesn't matter if you have a perfect driving record or if you are a high-risk driver, we work hard to find you the best rates available in New Jersey. With all the statistics on auto theft and car crashes, it is important to protect yourself and your property. We are constantly adding new carriers to our site so you can compare the rates of many carriers and you can purchase in one spot. We offer a site where you can compare the rates of multiple, reliable companies and purchase immediately online, or over the phone. Enter your zip code above to see how much you can save in the Garden State!

Looking for auto insurance for a different state? can give you quotes and rates for all the 50 States. To find low cost car insurance rates in your state, enter the zip code above.


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